Paul Newham

Probing the Depths
of Human Vulnerability & Potential
for over 35 Years

About Me

For over three decades it has been my vocation to appreciate the ineffable nuances of human vulnerability.

I am concerned with how we hurt and how we heal.

With why we harm each other and bring suffering upon ourselves.

With how we can be compassionate toward our self and make the world a kinder place for those unseen and unheard.

For life is often burdensome and always precarious.

Today we may find fault with others, and take pride in our certainty.

Tomorrow we may falter in our frailty, and lose grip of what we once took for granted.

It is in recognizing this impermanence that we come to know how vulnerable all of us truly are.

I have relentlessly explored myriad ways to comprehend human vulnerability, alleviate deep hurt, and find a way to the light of hope and healing.

I began with the expressive arts and proceeded through depth psychology, before venturing into cognitive science and arriving at the threshold of contemplative practice.

The methods of therapeutic care and introspective inquiry I have developed along the way are widely cited as pioneering and authoritative.

My techniques are applied by professionals from multiple disciplines. My publications are standard reference texts on graduate courses.

And through these endeavours, I have earned a reputation for excellence and innovation.

Yet I have not pursued these undertakings from a comfortable position of detached observation afforded by privileged advantage.

Like many among us, I have journeyed to the depths of my interior and touched the treachery of terror.

So it is that I know the terrain of trouble from the inside, and understand how we may rise from fallen places.

In the light of this diverse multidimensional experience, I have come to recognize that there is no single path to authentic insight, nor any one solution to the complexity of human problems and predicaments.

So I flounder in my effort to synthesize the pragmatics of scientific reason with the mystery of experiential wisdom.